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Choosing Baby Names

At ABC Baby Names we've made choosing the perfect baby name as easy as ABC. We have included a search tool to help you find the perfect name for your baby. You can even use it to find out the meaning of your own name of someone elses name.

There are many sources of baby names and different cultures have different methods for choosing baby names e.g. Muslim names generally come from the Arabic language. We have build a list of 10,000 names, their origins and meanings. To help you select the perfect baby name, we have categorized them by gender, origin and alphabetically. If you know the details for a name and we haven't got it in our database, you can suggest it for inclusion.

Our name is very important, we will carry it with us for our whole life. This site is dedicated to make the selection process an easy and enjoyable process. You will find out why there is so much more to a name than simply an identifier. You can also check out the top names in different countries over the last number of years.

Names By Origin:
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Irish Girl Names
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Greek Girl Names
Mexican Baby Names
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Italian Girl Names
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